Cell Phone Etiquette

We’ve all seen it and experienced it far too many times. You’re standing in line, waiting at a traffic light or trying to enjoy a meal in a restaurant and someone is blasting their phone conversation loud enough for everyone to hear. It’s rude. It’s exhausting and it’s time to roll out the etiquette guide for cell phone users.

Cell phone use should be a solo experience. In other words, when you’re in public or with someone, turn your cell phone off and store it. If you must take a call, retreat to a private area in order to respect the space of those around you. Be in the moment. When dining, store your cell phone and enjoy the company of the people you’re with. It’s truly a matter of respecting those around you and respecting yourself. When ordering or checking out, respect the service personnel that are trying to help you. If you’re on your phone while checking out, you’re sending a clear message to the cashier that you deem them of no importance.

In a business setting, do not place your cell phone on the conference table. This move suggestions you’re anticipating something more important than the matter at hand. If you arrive early to a meeting or it is delayed, take the opportunity to actually speak to the person next to you. Learn something from them or about them.

When driving, absolutely do not use your cell phone under any circumstances. Would you drive with a blindfold on? Of course you wouldn’t. Texting and talking while driving is the same as driving with a blind fold on. If you take advantage of the awesome deals offered by Groupon coupons and get a great deal on a rental from Enterprise Rent A Car, insurance will not cover any accidents or damages that occurred while the driver was using a cell phone for any reason. Focus on driving. Many states have passed laws making it illegal to use cell phones for any reason while driving. The penalties associated with breaking these laws can be stiff.

Follow these basic etiquette principals and you’ll be a welcome guest, coworker or companion.


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